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How To Install Free WordPress On Your Computer

Install Free WordPress
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WordPress is the largest platform to create websites which are covering one-third of the world’s websites. It is used by millions of people and increasing day by day. You might be thinking that why WordPress! Creating WordPress websites is an easy and fun way. WordPress CMS (Content Management System) makes it easier to create websites in minutes. Anyone can create a website in a few simple steps. That’s why I am sharing today the easiest way to Install Free WordPress on your computer.

If You are also going to create a blogging, photography, product, etc website and You are a beginner, then You are at the right post. We are introducing You to the easiest tutorial on how to create a free WordPress website on Your computer.

Why installing in your computer?

Installing WordPress on your computer locally is regarded as a local server or Localhost. It is for personal purposes, not for users or any other audience. Only one person can see this website and that is You. Basically, developers use localhost WordPress installation to develop or test new themes and plugins. Beginners can also Install WordPress on a computer to learn WordPress, installing and customizing themes, testing plugins, etc.

Note: If You want your website live and want people to engage with it, You have to buy hosting and register for a domain.

To install free WordPress on your computer, You have to follow 3 simple steps those are:

  1. Download Bitnami WordPress
  2. Install and setup Bitnami WordPress
  3. Setup WordPress

Why Bitnami WordPress?

Bitnami is a cross-platform software that allows you to install your favorite open-source software. It is simple and easy to use the software, especially for beginners. Anyone can install and start using this after a few steps because it doesn’t need to set up servers like other software in the market.

Step 1 – Download Bitnami WordPress

First, you have to go to Bitnami WordPress, choose your operating system, and click download.

Step 2 – Install and setup Bitnami WordPress

After downloading the software, go to your downloads directory and install the software by double-clicking on the execution file. After clicking on the execution file, the first window will pop up asking about your language preferences.

Choose your language preference and then click the “ok” button.


After choosing your language, this window will pop-up where you just need to click the “next” button.


Just click the “next” button to install WordPress and PhpMyAdmin.


Select the directory/folder where you want to install this software and click “next”.


Step 3 – Setup WordPress

After selecting the folder, the window will pop up where You have to put the details about You and credentials to log in to WordPress.

Just type the name of your Blog and click “next”.


It’s your preference to configure Email support or not. I am leaving this unchecked.


It will ask to launch your WordPress website on the Bitnami cloud. I will just uncheck this box and click “next”


Now the setup is ready to install the WordPress on your computer. simply click on the “next” button


It will start installing WordPress stack on your computer. Just wait for a few minutes.


During the installation process, it will ask to allow access through the windows defender firewall. Click on the “Allow access” button to complete the process.


Congratulations! You have installed WordPress on your computer.


After clicking on “finish”, it will automatically open this page on your browser. Simply click on “Access WordPress”


Hurry! You made it. Now, it’s the time you explore WordPress, install themes, plugins, and customize them.


You can log in to your WordPress website by simply typing “localhost/WordPress/login”


This is the dashboard of your WordPress website. Here you can install themes, plugins, and customize them.


After exploring WordPress and writing content, If you want your website live and share it with others then, We have also written a tutorial on How to move your localhost website to a live server.

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